About us

The aim of our company ZS Ķiveļi is to provide quality seeds, the most suitable varieties and the range of seeds best suited for local area conditions. Experience that we have gained over many years allows us implementing our vision and successfully offering professional solutions to our clients. From the very beginning of our work in 1992, we have been multiplying grass and legume seeds closely working with the leading plant breeders. For further improvement of our range, we actively work with stakeholders in Latvia and abroad. Our clients are the most successful livestock breeders and landscape designers in all areas of Latvia and international wholesalers abroad.

We grow, harvest, process and pack the seeds at our facilities, so we are confident in the quality of our seeds and can offer the best price.

Our vision is to be one of most recognised and highly valueted seed producer.

Our mission is to develop the grass breeding production and sales in Latvia by building long-term relations with our clients. The cornerstones of our cooperation are honesty, trust, quality and professionalism.

To achieve the aforementioned, we actively work with our existing clients and are open to mutually beneficial cooperation with new partners in the following areas:

  • growing according to a contract;
  • cleaning and certification services;
  • packaging;
  • transport and logistics;
  • wholesale;
  • retail.

Our team has undertaken to do all they can to satisfy every client’s particular needs and find the best solutions.

We can send the seeds to any address and usually they are delivered within three workdays. We will be happy to respond to any queries or requests by phone or email. We are very interested in hearing your feedback and to find out how our seeds are growing, what their yield qualities are and what needs to be improved.

We believe that our professional seed mixtures and integrated services give us a competitive advantage.